SITE USERS: To view the recitals that are confirmed as going ahead, click here. Most of the concerts that were listed for this year are now hidden from view, as it is unclear if they will take place. Consequently, many of the site's pages are currently empty.
RECITAL ORGANISERS: If you submitted an event for 2020 and it is definitely going ahead, e-mail, giving just the name of the venue and the date of the recital, so it can be reinstated. If you have a new recital for listing, click here.
CONCERT-GOERS: Please observe national and local guidelines on social distancing, wearing of masks, etc. Also, before setting-out, use the 'location & enquiries' link, found in each entry, to contact the venue and check if the recital is still happening.
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How much does it cost to advertise on
There's no charge but please mention this website (e.g. "For more concerts, see") on posters and programmes, especially if you're the concert organiser or have some influence in the matter.
How do I submit concert details to
Simply e-mail
You can send a link to a webpage or attach a PDF/document/poster or just submit a plain-text message. Please include:
The venue's name and postcode.
The recital's date and day, its start time and finish time (helpful for planning return journeys).
The organist's name and, if known, location.
Admission information, e.g. "£5, concessions £4" or "retiring collection".
Contact e-mail address and/or phone number to be published, for enquiries.
Extras, e.g. refreshments available afterwards (or beforehand or during the interval), video screen projection.
N.B. If the concert is in a regular series that's listed here, only the date, venue, and organist's name are required.
You'll be contacted when the recital is listed or if more information is needed. All listings are at the webmaster's discretion.
The small print:
Requests for extra prominence, special publicity, etc. cannot be entertained.
Only organ recitals in Britain (excluding the Channel Islands and the Scilly Isles) can be listed.
For the purposes of this website, an organ recital is defined as a concert featuring music played on an organ, pipe or electronic/digital, that is fixed at its location, i.e. an instrument that is not considered to be portable.
Organ master classes, and choral concerts, orchestral concerts, etc. are not organ recitals but the following formats may be eligible for listing: (1) Concerts where the organ accompanies other musicians, mainly soloists; (2) Orchestral concerts that include significant organ works, e.g. the Poulenc Organ Concerto or Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony; (3) Organ recitals that are part of a whole day's programme, provided they have their own admission; (4) Organ-a-thons, i.e. multiple concerts spread over some hours at a venue or venues; (5) Events that are part-lecture, part-recital; (6) Silent movies accompanied by the organ; (7) Christmas concerts, with organ, that include audience carols.
Why advertise on
Thousands of people attend concerts as a result of seeing them advertised here. Since 2005, the site has listed 52,437 concerts by 4,406 organists at 2,038 venues. lists every concert on multiple pages. In the Main Section, a recital appears on a minimum of
12* pages. In the Mobile, High Contrast, and Printable Sections, it will be shown on at least 15 pages (five per section). Additionally, some concerts are listed on specific pages, e.g. for cinema/theatre organ concerts or anniversary recitals.
* For example: A recital by Ian Tracey at Liverpool Cathedral on Monday 1 April will appear on [1] the Ian Tracey page, [2] the Liverpool Cathedral page, [3] the April page, [4] the April 1st page, [5] the Monday page, [6] the Liverpool page, [7] the Merseyside page, [8] the North-West Area page, [9] the England page. It will also appear, when appropriate, on [10] the Next 100 Recitals page and [11] the Next 7 Days page. Finally, each recital has [12] its own page. aims to provide an unrivalled service that supports audiences, recitalists, concert organisers, and venues by providing listings in a format that's attractive and user-friendly. It is hoped that the free advertising and equal billing for the famous and the lesser-known will be beneficial to all concerned. is rated as "Safe" by Norton Safe Web. This means it has no computer threats, no identity threats, and no annoyance factors. To see the report, click here. Some browsers correctly flag this website as 'not secure'. As an information-only site, it has no need to be secure because it does not handle private data.
To get your own organ recitals, or others you're aware of, advertised for free on, click here.
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Some browsers correctly flag this website as 'not secure'. As an information-only site, it has no need to be secure because it does not handle private data.
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