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1. The Albert Hall, Nottingham [map]
2. Albion URC, Ashton-under-Lyne [map]
3. All Hallows by The Tower [map]
4. All Saints', Clifton [map]
5. All Saints', Hastings [map]
6. All Saints', Leamington Spa [map]
7. All Saints', Northampton [map]
8. All Saints', Warlingham [map]
9. Ashton Hall (Town Hall), Lancaster [map]
10. Aylesbury Methodist Church [map]
11. Ayr Town Hall [map]
12. Bailgate Methodist Church, Lincoln [map]
13. Bangor Cathedral [map]
14. Bath Abbey [map]
15. The Beer Wurlitzer [map]
16. Birmingham Cathedral [map]
17. Birmingham Town Hall [map]
18. Blackburn Cathedral [map]
19. Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church [map]
20. Bolton Parish Church [map]
21. Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre [map]
22. Bradford Cathedral [map]
23. Brangwyn Hall, Swansea [map]
24. Bridlington Priory [map]
25. Bristol Cathedral [map]
26. Brompton Oratory [map]
27. Buckfast Abbey [map]
28. The Burtey Fen Collection, Pinchbeck [map]
29. Bury Parish Church [map]
30. Bury Park URC, Luton [map]
31. The Buttermarket, Shrewsbury [map]
32. Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh [map]
33. Cheltenham College Chapel [map]
34. Chester Cathedral [map]
35. Chichester Cathedral [map]
36. Christ Church, Bristol City [map]
37. Christ Church, Chelsea [map]
38. Christ Church URC, Port Sunlight [map]
39. Christ Church, West Didsbury [map]
40. Christ Church, Woking [map]
41. Christchurch Priory [map]
42. Christ's Chapel of God's Gift, Dulwich [map]
43. Coventry Cathedral [map]
44. The Crossing, Worksop [map]
45. Doncaster Minster [map]
46. Dunblane Cathedral [map]
47. Durham Cathedral [map]
48. East Sussex National Golf Course, Uckfield [map]
49. Emmanuel, Wylde Green [map]
50. Fentham Hall, Hampton-in-Arden [map]
51. Friends Meeting House, Bournville [map]
52. Glasgow University Memorial Chapel [map]
53. Gloucester Cathedral [map]
54. Great St Mary's, Cambridge [map]
55. Grimsby Minster [map]
56. Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair [map]
57. Guild Chapel, Stratford-upon-Avon [map]
58. Halifax Minster [map]
59. Hampton Court Palace (H.M. Chapel Royal) [map]
60. Holy Cross Priory, Leicester [map]
61. Holy Trinity, Gosport [map]
62. Holy Trinity, Wordsley [map]
63. Huddersfield Town Hall [map]
64. Huddersfield University (St Paul's Hall) [map]
65. Hull City Hall [map]
66. Keble College Chapel, Oxford [map]
67. Kelvingrove Art Gallery [map]
68. King's College Chapel, Cambridge [map]
69. King's Lynn Minster [map]
70. Lancaster Priory [map]
71. Leeds Cathedral [map]
72. Leeds Minster [map]
73. Leeds Town Hall [map]
74. Lincoln Cathedral [map]
75. Liverpool Cathedral [map]
76. Lyle Kirk, Greenock [map]
77. Malvern Priory [map]
78. Marlborough College Chapel [map]
79. The Memorial Hall, Old Windsor [map]
80. Moot Hall (Town Hall), Colchester [map]
81. Morpeth Methodist Church [map]
82. Mountsorrel Methodist Church [map]
83. The Musical Museum at Kew Bridge [map]
84. New Testament Church of God, Northampton [map]
85. New Victoria Centre, Howden le Wear [map]
86. Newbury Methodist Church [map]
87. Newcastle Cathedral [map]
88. The Queen's College Chapel, Oxford [map]
89. Reading Minster of St Mary the Virgin [map]
90. The Royal Festival Hall [map]
91. Royal Hospital School Chapel, Holbrook [map]
92. Rye College (Milligan Theatre) [map]
93. St Albans Cathedral [map]
94. St Albans Organ Theatre & Museum [map]
95. St Alkmund's, Whitchurch [map]
96. St Alphage's, Burnt Oak [map]
97. St Alphege, Solihull [map]
98. St Andrew's, Biggleswade [map]
99. St Andrew's Hall, Norwich [map]
100. St Andrew's, Netherton [map]
101. St Andrew's, Rugby [map]
102. St Andrew's, Surbiton [map]
103. St Andrew's, Swanwick [map]
104. St Barnabas', York [map]
105. St Botolph Without Aldgate [map]
106. St Bride's Episcopal Church, Glasgow [map]
107. St Bride's, Fleet Street [map]
108. St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham [map]
109. St Chad's, Shrewsbury [map]
110. St Columba's URC, York [map]
111. St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh [map]
112. St David's Hall, Cardiff [map]
113. St George's Hall, Liverpool [map]
114. St George's, Hanover Square [map]
115. St George's Metropolitan Cathedral, Southwark [map]
116. St George's URC, Hartlepool [map]
117. St Giles & St Nicholas, Sidmouth [map]
118. St Giles', Pontefract [map]
119. St James Road Methodist Church, Southampton [map]
120. St John the Baptist, Dronfield [map]
121. St John the Baptist, Newcastle [map]
122. St John the Evangelist, Islington [map]
123. St John the Evangelist, Northington [map]
124. St John's, Smith Square [map]
125. St Katherine's, Lincoln [map]
126. St Laurence's, Northfield [map]
127. St Laurence's, Upminster [map]
128. St Lawrence Jewry [map]
129. St Lawrence's, Alton [map]
130. St Luke's, Sevenoaks [map]
131. St Margaret's, Leicester [map]
132. St Margaret's, Lothbury [map]
133. St Marie's Cathedral, Sheffield [map]
134. St Martin-in-the-Fields [map]
135. St Mary & St Giles, Stony Stratford [map]
136. St Mary Magdalene, Castle Ashby [map]
137. St Mary Redcliffe [map]
138. St Mary the Virgin, Higham Ferrers [map]
139. St Mary the Virgin, Horsell [map]
140. St Mary's, Aberfoyle [map]
141. St Mary's Episcopal Church, Hamilton [map]
142. St Mary's, Guildford [map]
143. St Mary's, Luton [map]
144. St Mary's, Melton Mowbray [map]
145. St Mary's, Slough [map]
146. St Mary's, Streatley-on-Thames [map]
147. St Mary's, Sturminster Newton [map]
148. St Mary's, Warwick [map]
149. St Matthew's, Westminster [map]
150. St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough [map]
151. St Michael's, Cornhill [map]
152. St Modwen, Burton-upon-Trent [map]
153. St Nicholas', High Bradfield [map]
154. St Pancras Parish Church [map]
155. St Patrick's, Patterdale [map]
156. St Paul's, Bedford [map]
157. St Paul's Cathedral [map]
158. St Paul's, Deptford [map]
159. St Paul's, Evenwood [map]
160. St Peter & St Paul, Cromer [map]
161. St Peter & St Paul, Eye [map]
162. St Peter & St Paul, Godalming [map]
163. St Peter's, Cradley [map]
164. St Peter's, St Albans [map]
165. St Salvator's Chapel, University of St Andrews [map]
166. St Saviour's, St Albans [map]
167. St Stephen's, Walbrook [map]
168. Sheffield Cathedral [map]
169. Singing Hills Golf Course, Albourne [map]
170. Southwark Cathedral [map]
171. Southwell Minster [map]
172. Stockport Town Hall [map]
173. Sussex University Meeting House [map]
174. Symphony Hall, Birmingham [map]
175. The Temple Church [map]
176. Tewkesbury Abbey [map]
177. Theatre Organ Heritage Centre, Eccles [map]
178. Truro Cathedral [map]
179. University of York (Jack Lyons Concert Hall) [map]
180. Victoria Hall, Hanley [map]
181. The Welsh Church of Central London [map]
182. Wesley Methodist Church, Chester [map]
183. Westminster Abbey [map]
184. Westminster Cathedral [map]
185. Weybridge URC [map]
186. Woking Leisure Centre (Wurlitzer Hall) [map]
187. Worcester Cathedral [map]
188. Worth Abbey [map]
189. York Central Methodist Church [map]

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