SITE USERS: Many of the concerts that were listed for 2020 are currently hidden from view, as it is unclear if they will take place. To view the list of recitals that are known to be cancelled, click here.
RECITAL ORGANISERS: If you submitted an event for 2020 and it is definitely going ahead, please e-mail, giving the name of the venue and the date of the recital, so it can be reinstated. If you have a new recital for listing, click here.
CONCERT-GOERS: Please observe guidelines on social distancing, hand hygiene, wearing of masks, etc. Also, before setting-out, use the 'location & enquiries' links, found in all entries, to contact the venue and check if the recital is still happening.
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The quickest way to find recitals is to use the main index links: Areas, Venues, Organists, Dates. If the person or place you're looking for isn't shown in the appropriate index, they have no concerts listed anywhere on the site. The search function can also find areas, venues, and organists but is mainly useful for providing results not available elsewhere (e.g. entering "islington" will show recitals at all venues in that area).
General Rules for Searching
(1) UPPER or lower case letters may be used, or ANY combiNATION thereof. (2) Full stops are ignored but commas and apostrophes must be included. (3) Shorter search terms are more likely to get results. (4) It is not possible to search for county groups (e.g. East Anglia). These are all available via links near the bottom of each page.
Searching for Recital Titles
One-word queries tend to work best, e.g. inaugural or memorial or messiaen.
Searching for Venues
Example: Search for "st paul's, birmingham" (strict punctuation) or "saint pauls birmingham" (without punctuation but with the full spelling of saint). Alternatively, enter "st paul" and pick-out the one you want from the list of results. If just "paul" is entered, results will include organists named Paul and venues called St Paul's.
It is also possible to search using venue codes, if known, e.g. "ahbtt" is All Hallows by The Tower and "westcath" is Westminster Cathedral.
Searching for Organists
The easiest way is to use a six-letter code consisting of the first three letters of the forename and the first three of the surname, e.g. "jonhop" is Jonathan Hope.
A search for "dan cook" will show recitals by Daniel Cook but "timothy wakerell" will not get a result – because he's listed here as Tim. It's worth noting that each organist's name is consistent across the site, e.g. Ben Bloor never appears as Benjamin and Benjamin Saunders never appears as Ben. Therefore, it's best to use abbreviated forenames, where possible. However, if they're spelled differently to full names (e.g. Tom/Thomas, Mike/Michael, Bill/William) separate searches may be necessary. If you're unsure of a spelling (e.g. Martin/Martyn, Nicholas/Nicolas, Ian/Iain), enter the first letters (those that are common to both spellings, i.e. "mart" or "nic" or "ia", in these examples) followed by a space and, then, the surname (or part of it), e.g. "ste ley" will show results for Stephen Disley.
To get your own organ recitals, or others you're aware of, advertised for free on, click here.
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